Brief: Create a concept store for Topmans new store in berlin.
I focused my research on the Berlin techno scene and how it helps unify post wall Berlin. Through my research I found that unlike now where clubs run for a very long time, after the wall fell clubs were very ephemeral. This was my main starting point for this project and began looking at creating a concept store that is constantly changing. Through my research I found that the same weekend the concept store is due to open it is the Berlin Music Tech Fest, which celebrates the relationship between technology and music. From this I found that I wanted to create an experience where customers would make a piece of music that would generate a personalized shopping experience using lighting and projection. 
This is the wall where customer will be able to create a piece of music that will change how the lighting reacts in the store. Each combination of rhymes will result in a different outcome throughout the store creating a different experience for each person. 
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